CIBW-FM, Big West Country, Drayton Valley

Pattison Media Ltd.

CIBW-FM200292.97,300Jim Pattison Broadcast Group
CIBW-FM199392.97,300Big West Communications Corp.
-AMre-broadcaster Rocky Mountain House CHBW-FM


On December 8, Melvin A. Stevenson, on behalf of a company to be incorporated ,  was licenced to operate a new FM station at Drayton Valley on the frequency 92.9 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 7,400 watts.  The station would operate in the Group 1 (Pop, Rock and Dance) musical format and provide the first local radio service available in this community. 


CIBW 92.9 signed on the air.


On September 7, authority was granted to transfer effective control of Big West Communications Corp. (formerly CIBC-FM Ltd.), from Melvin A. Stevenson to various shareholders, with no clear cut control. The CRTC also approved the transfer of Mr. Stevenson’s interest (46.36%) in Big West, to a holding company, 606924 Alberta Inc. (wholly owned by Stevenson). As a result of these changes, the shareholders of Big West Communications Corp. would now be: 606924 Alberta Inc. (46.36%), George Patton (44.56%), W. Sekura (4.54%) and R. Sekura(4.54%).


Peter Scott became news director. He had been with CKYL in Peace River.


CIBW was granted a rebroadcast transmitter at Nordegg on January 20, operating on 93.9 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 120 watts.  

Big West received approval March 27 to add a transmitter at Rocky Mountain House, on the frequency 94.5 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 720 watts. The proposed station would produce and broadcast 15 hours of local programming and rebroadcast 111 hours of programming from CIBW-FM Drayton Valley. 


CHBW-FM 94.5 signed on the air.


On February 17, Big West Communications received approval to delete CHBW-FM-1 Nordegg from the licence of CIBW-FM Drayton Valley and add it to the licence of CHBW-FM Rocky Mountain House.


On May 7 the CRTC approved applications by Medicine Hat Broadcasting Ltd., as part of a corporate reorganization, for authority to acquire the assets of CIBW-FM Drayton Valley, CHBW-FM Rocky Mountain House and its rebroadcaster CHBW-FM-1 Nordegg from Big West Communications Corp. Medicine Hat Broadcasting is the licensee of CFMY-FM Medicine Hat and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jim Pattison Industries Ltd., which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jim Pattison Ltd.


On December 23, the CRTC approved the application by Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Ltd. (the general partner) and Jim Pattison Industries Ltd. (the limited partner) carrying on business as Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited Partnership, owned by James A. Pattison (the Pattison Group), for the authority to acquire the assets of all of the radio television undertakings (and their respective transmitters) currently licensed to corporate entities owned by James A. Pattison. This transaction was part of a corporate reorganization that would not affect the ultimate control of the broadcasting undertakings. The ultimate control would continue to be exercised by James A. Pattison, the sole shareholder of Jim Pattison Ltd.


The CRTC renewed CIBW-FM licence on July 27.


On August 26, the CRTC approved an increase in effective radiated power for CIBW-FM – from 7,400 watts to 50,000 watts. The station said the changes were necessary due to the potential for interference resulting from the implementation by Harvard Broadcasting of its new radio station – CFEX-FM Calgary.


Kirby Cohler became news director as of October 4.

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