CRBC Programming (Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission) (1933-1936)

All programs were live. There were no recording facilities until the mid 1930s, when the Electrical Transcription process was introduced but it was not technically perfected for stations recording, and playback use was slowly expanded across Canada. Not all programs were heard across the country due to time zone differences. Shows originated in the West were not always heard in the East and vice-versa.

In the beginning, the CRBC network east of Manitoba usually closed down at 11:00 pm EST, following the 15 min. “national” news and weather broadcast (10:45 – 11:00 pm).

In 1935, using approximately 6 hours of daily contract CN-CP wire-line network time, the CRBC originated programs from every city or town that had a private radio station on the network. With the help of a few international exchange sustaining programs from the U. S., the CRBC’s program team of Bushnell, Dupont and Stovin did the best they could with the funds allocated to the CRBC by Parliament.

Of course, at the time, the CRBC had only six stations of its own – five with production studios – only one west of Toronto (Vancouver) and none east of Montreal, They had to rely on private stations to provide the studios, equipment, staffs and expertise to feed to the network the performing talent that they had uncovered across Canada, and which they wanted Canadians to hear.

The co-operation of private stations in filling the void is clearly shown in a list of network programs which were broadcast.

(CRBC stations were identified by the call letters with the pre-fix “CRC”. CKY, which was bought later by the CBC, was then owned by the Manitoba Telephone System.)

Bible Dramas Produced by Rupert Caplan (CRCM Montreal) 
Vesper Hour Conducted by the Reverend Canon H.D. Martin, with choral music directed by Arthur McFadyen (CKY Winnipeg) 
Anna Malienfant In recital (CRCM Montreal) 
Events of Canadian Interest A talk by Dr. H.L. Stewart (CHNS Halifax) 
Pastel Panels Vocal soloists with a string ensemble conducted by W. Knight Wilson (CKCK Regina) 
Little Symphony (CHRC, Quebec) 
The Grenadier Guards Band Conducted by Lieut. J.J. Gagnier (CRCM Montreal) 
The Road to Yesterday Orchestra and soloists conducted by Roland Todd (CRCT Toronto) 
Atlantic Nocturne Readings by J. Frank Willis, with organist Allan Reid and violinist Leon Bolkozotsky (CHNS Halifax) 
Chasing Shadows The piano duo of Helen Worden and Dixie Stewart (CFAC Calgary) 
Canadian Press News 15 minutes nightly, usually read by Charles Jennings (CRCT Toronto) 
Sweet and Low A program of music featuring Mart Kenney’ s Seven Western Gentlemen, plus strings – Vocalist, Art Hallman (CRCV Vancouver to the western network) carried on by the CBC. 
Studio Singers Directed by Stanley Hoban. Half-hour on Sundays) (CKY Winnipeg to the western network) 
Josephine Chamberlain at the Organ 30 minutes on Sundays (CFAC Calgary to the western network) 
At Eventide 30 minutes of vocal and instrumental music (CFJC Kamloops to the B.C. Network) 
Melody Parade A half-hour of instrumental and vocal music on Mondays (CHSJ Saint John to the full network, except B.C.) 
Old Time Frolic 30 minutes of old-time music (CFQC Saskatoon) 
Melodic Strings 30 minutes of classical music conducted by Alexander Chuhaldin (CRCT Toronto) 
Billy Bissett’s Orchestra 15 minutes of dance music from the Imperial Room of the Royal York Hotel (CRCT Toronto) 
Western Radio Players A weekly dramatic half-hour directed by Gordon Mitchell (CKY Winnipeg) 
Romany Moods An instrumental trio with soloist Queenie Jackson Bouvette (CJCA Edmonton) 
Al Oliver’s Hawaiians (CJCA Edmonton to the western network) 
Vancouver Province News (CRCV to the B.C. network) 
Grace P. Johnson Pianist (CJAT Trail to the BC network) 
Musical Biographie A 30 minute weekly (CHWK Chilliwack to the B.C. network) 
We Three Vocalist with two pianos (CRCT Toronto to full network except B.C.) 
By Moonlight A 30-minutes on Tuesdays. Soloists with orchestra. (CJCA Edmonton to full network except BC) 
Say It With Music Orchestra directed by Russ Gerow (CFPL London) 
This is Paris Soloists and orchestra conducted by Andre Durieux ( CRCM Montreal) 
Charles Dornberger’s Orchestra Dance music from the Mount Royal Hotel (CRCM Montreal) 
The Melody Maids Directed by Norma McCartney (CRCV Vancouver to western net) 
Pianology Al Smith, pianist extraordinaire (CKCK Regina) 
The Freshmen Quartet Four high school boys, led by banjoist Eddie Stock (CKCK Regina to the western net) 
Three-of-a-Kind The vocal trio of Art Hallman, Glen Griffith and Mart Kenney (CKCK Regina to the western net) 
Maids and Middies Vocal harmony directed by Elizabeth Morrison (CFQC Saskatoon) 
Romance Novelty trio with Gerhardt-Oily, Russian tenor (CRCV Vancouver to B.C. network) 
Vancouver Theatre of the Air Directed by E.V. Young (CRCV Vancouver to B.C. net) 
Melody Mart Directed by Howard Large with soloist Jean Sinclair (CHAB Moose Jaw to full net except B.C.) 
Live, Love and Laugh A 30-minute musical program (CKY Winnipeg) 
Joe Decourcy’s Orchestra 15 minutes of dance music. (CRCM Montreal) 
Windwood Trio (CKY Winnipeg to western network) 
Three Guitars Directed by Jeff Germaine (CKBI Prince Albert to western net) 
Rhapsodies in Rhythm Helen Worden and Dixie Stewart, two pianos (CFAC Calgary to western net) 
Columbians Male quartet directed by Sydney Kelland (CRCV Vancouver to western net) 
Mr. and Mrs. Comedy (CRCV Vancouver to western net) 
Grace Baley and Jenny Wilkinson Bighouse Piano duo (CRCV Vancouver to B.C. net) 
An Earful of Music Directed by Hazel McDonald, with Gladys Cooper and Ozzie Ross (CRCV. Vancouver to B.C. net) 
Soirees, Venise Novelty ensemble with Nino Franco, baritone (CRCM Montreal to full network, except B.C.) 
No Mournful Numbers Comedy team with orchestra and soloists conducted by Isaac Mamott. (CKY Winnipeg to full network except B.C.) 
Anything Goes Variety show (CHNS Halifax) 
Up-to-the-Minute Latest music, news, literary and sports happenings (CRCT Toronto) 
Old Mill Orchestra Dance music (CRCT Toronto) 
Pacific Nocturne Salon orchestra directed by Percy Harvey (CRCV Vancouver) 
Jerry Fuller’s Orchestra Popular music (CFAC Calgary to western network) 
Under the Stars Alan Caron, organist (CKY Winnipeg to western network) 
Jack Stanford Tenor soloist (CRCV Vancouver to B.C. network) 
The Silver Ship Instrumentals and vocals – directed by Eileen Robertson (CRCV Vancouver to B.C. net) 
Fundy Fantasy A 30-minute musical program (CHSJ Saint John to full net except B.C.) 
The Lyric Trio Anna Malenfont, Ludovic Huot and Lionel Dunais (CRCM Montreal to full net except B.C.) 
Ambassador Gentleman Jim Sophisticated humor with R.E. “Doc” Guy; singer George Murray and orchestra conducted by Isaac Mamott (CKY Winnipeg) 
Orchestra Directed by J.J. Gagnier (CRCM Montreal) 
From a Rose Garden (CHNS Halifax) 
Gene Fogarty’s Orchestra Dance music from the Chateau Laurier (CRCO Ottawa) 
Al and Bill The two-piano team of Al Smith and Cyril Hampshire, 15-minutes weekly at the keyboards of the twin Baldwins in the Regina studios of CJRM. 
Night Song Directed by Denis Clayton (CJCA Edmonton to western net) 
Ben Rood and His Red River Ramblers (CKY Winnipeg to western net) 
At Grandma’s House Radio play directed by Mercer McLeod (CJAT Trail to B.C. net) 
Fiesta Presented by Don Pedro (CRCV Vancouver) 
Red Gap Social A quarter-hour of country music by eight “big-city” cowboys, mc-ed by Art Balfour, the “Sheriff of Red Gap” (CKCK Regina to the western net) 
Mutually Yours An exchange program fed to the U. S. – Mutual Broadcast System (CRCT Toronto) 
Summer Follies 30-minute variety program (CRCM Montreal) 
From the Valley of the Bow (CFAC Calgary) 
The Little Orchestra Directed by David Naimark, with soloists Olga Pavlova and Kenneth Allan. (CJRM Regina to western net except B.C.) 
Cheri, Red and Dick Hawaiian trio (CRCV Vancouver to B.C. network) 
Melody Masters Mountain Music (CKOV Kelowna to B.C. net) 
Saturday Night Dance Band Parade 90 minutes of continuous dance music from western Canada’s top hotels -10.00-11.30 pm MST 
    Earl Hill – Royal Alexandra Hotel (CKY Winnipeg) 
    Dave Mills – Hotel Saskatchewan (CHWC Regina) 
    Jascha Galperin – Palliser Hotel (CFAC Calgary) 
    Mart Kenney – Spanish Grill (old) Hotel Vancouver (CRCV) 
    Mart Mortimer – Macdonald Hotel ( CJCA Edmonton) 
    Guy Watkins – Bessborough Hotel (CFQC Saskatoon) 
Wilf Carter A one-man 15-minute program of “western” songs by Canada’s most renowned “cowboy” singer and song writer (CFAC Calgary to the western net) 
A Tribute to a Song A weekly 30-minute musical dramatization of a currently popular song, featuring Mart Kenney’s (augmented) Western Gentlemen. (CJRM Regina to the western net) 
Forgotten Footsteps A series based on artifacts in the Royal Ontario Museum. (Archaeology) Aired on Sunday nights from October 1935 to 1937. (CRCT Toronto to the full net) 
Twilight Echoes From 9 to 10 pm Sundays (MST) originating in Regina’s Darke Hall and featuring singers (sister and brother) Helene and Bill Morton, with W. Knight Wilson, violinist and Cyril Hampshire, organist and pianist. A pleasant hour of lovely music and song introduced by its theme – “Mighty Lak a Rose” (CKCK Regina to the western net) 
Moonlight on the River A 30-minute program of romantic songs, sung by tenor Jack Dale, with Al Smith at the piano (CKCK Regina) 
Nitwit Court A weekly quarter-hour starring Woodhouse and Hawkins: first produced at CJCJ Calgary and then CFAC from where it was fed to the western network on Friday nights (later became a half hour show originating in Winnipeg and ultimately Toronto) 
Performers and writers: Art McGregor (principally as Woodhouse, a tenant) and Frank Deaville (principally as Hawkins, the building’s superintendent) 
The Youngbloods of Beaver Bend A 30-minute dramatic serial on life on the Prairies. Starred Tommy Tweed and Beth Lockerbie. Written by Peter D. Dales. (CKY Winnipeg to the western network)