Photos from the 1940s

We’ve taken a selection of photos of Broadcasters from Dick Lewis’ monthly Broadcaster newspaper and present them here for your interest.


Glen Mannerman
Bannerman, Glen
CAB President, Ottawa ON
Norman Botterill
Botterill, Norman
Manager, CJOC Lethbridge AB
Hal Critterden
Crittenden, Hal
Manager, CKCK Regina SK
Ehphike, Frank
Manager, CKWX Vanouver BC
Gerry Gaetz
Gaetz, Gerry
Manager, CKRC Winnipeg MBB
E.T. Sandell
Sandell, E.T.
CKTB St. Catherines ON
Harry Sedgewick
Sedgwick, Harry
Manager, CFRB Toronto ON
F.H. Squires
Squires, F.H.
Manager, CJCS Stratford ON
Horace Stovin
Stovin, Horace
Stovin & Wright Station Reps Toronto ON
Bill Wright
Wright, Bill
Stovin & Wright Station Reps Montreal QC


Spence Caldwell
Caldwell, Spence
CKWX Vancouver BC, CJBC Toronto ON
Clair Chambers
Chambers, Clair
CKSO Sudbury ON
Walter Dales
Dales, Walter
W.W. Grant
Grant, W.W.
Chief Engineer, CFCN Calgary AB
Jack Radford
Radford, Jack
Manager, CFJR Brockville ON


A.E. Archibald
Archibald, A.E.
Manager, CKOV Pembroke ON
Ted Campeau
Campeau, Ted
Manager, CKLW Windsor ON
Geurge Chandler
Chandler, George
Manager, CJOR Vancouver BC
R.T. Fulford
Fulford, R.T.
CHUM Toronto ON
Bill Hawkins
Hawkins, Bill
Manager, CFOS Owen Sound ON
Phil Lalonde
Lalonde, Phil
Manager, CKAC Montreal QC
G.A. Lavoie
Lavoie, G.A.
Manager, CJBR Rimouski QC
Al Leary
Leary, Al
CHUM Toronto ON
Hume Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Hume
CKLN Nelson BC
G. Liddle
Liddle, G.
CKCR Revelstoke BC
F.A. Lynds
Lynds, F.A.
Manager, CKCW Moncton NB
W.C. Mitchell
Mitchell, W.C.
CKCR Kitchener-Waterloo ON
Philip Morris
Morris, Philip
CFPL London ON
R.J. Priestly
Priestly, R.J.
CJGX Yorkton SK
L.C. Rudolph
Rudolph, L.C.
CHSJ Saint John NB

W.F. Seller
Seller, W.F.
CKX Brandon MB
Gordon Smith
Smith, Gordon
Manager, CHPS Parry Sound ON


J.D. Boudreau
Boudreau, J.D.
CJEM Edmonston NB
Bob Buss
Buss, Bob
CKCK Regina SK, CHAT Medicine Hat AB, CJOC Kethvridge AB
Claude Cain
Cain, Claude
CHML Hamilton ON
H.G. Clark
Clark, H.G.
CJRL Kenora ON
Vern Dallin
Dallin, Vern
CFQC Sasaktoon SK
J. Arthur Dupont
Dupont, J. Arthur
CJAD Montreal QC
H.H. Flint
Flint, H.H.
CKSF Cornwall ON
W. Grigg
Grigg, W.
CKX Brandon MB
Louis Leprohon
Leprohon, Louis
CKAC Montreal QC
Wes McKnight
McKnight, Wes
CFRB Totonto
A.J. Messner
Messner, A.J.
CKY Winnipeg MB (Former)
G.B. Quinney
Quinney, G.B.
CFAR Winnipeg MB (Former)
Sayers, Jack
Sayers, Jack
CKCK Regina SK, CJCA Edmonton AB, CJOC Leyhbridge AB
John Stark
Stark, John
CKLN Nelson BC
J.C. Whitby
Whitby, J.C.
CFBR Brockville ON


John Bishop
Bishop, John
Chief Engineer, CHSJ Saint John NB
Murray Brown
Brown, Murray
Manager, CFPL London ON
George Cromwell
Cromwell, George
Manager, CHSJ St. John NB
George Elliott
Elliott, George
Manager, CKDO Oshawa ON
Elwood Glover
Glover, Elwood
Network Personality, CBC Toronto ON
Abbe Lane
Lane, Abbie
Women’s Commentator, CJCH Halifax NS
Jack Murray
Murray, Jack
President, CFJM Brockville ON
Cleve Stillwell
Stillwell, Cleve
Program Director, CHSJ Saint John NB
Ernie Swan
Swan, Ernie
Chief Engineer, CKEY Toronto ON
Gerry Tonkin
Tonkin, Gerry
Manager, CJRL Kenora ON
Don Wright
Wright, Don
On Air, CFPL London ON
Ross Wright
Wright, Ross
Manager, CFJM Brockville ON


G.W. Andrews
Andrews, G.W.
Chief Engineer, CFJM Brockville ON
Jack Kent Cooke
Cooke, Jack Kent
Owner, CKEY Toronto ON
Waldo Holden
Holden, Waldo
Sales Director, CKEY Toronto ON
Jim Hunter
Hunter, Jim
News, CFRB Toronto ON
F.A. Lynds
Lynds, F.A.
Manager, CKCW Moncton NB
Margaret Rea
Rea, Margaret
CJAV Port Alberni BC
Roy Thomson
Thomson, Roy
President, Northern Broadcasting Ltd.
Cliff Wingrove
Wingrove, Cliff
Sales, CKTB St. Catherines ON

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