Telemedia Communications (1968-2002)


Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien founded Telemedia (Quebec) Ltd. He had been director of operations for Expo 67. Power Corporation was the largest shareholder in Telemedia, which administered CHLT-AM-FM-TV and CKTS Sherbrooke. The French-language CHLT stations operated under the name Radio-Television Sherbrooke (1967) Inc. with Jean-Louis Gauthier as president. CKTS (English) was operated by subsidiary company, Telegram Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. with Lt. Col. John J. Dunn, president.


Power Corporation sold radio stations CKAC-AM Montreal, CKCH-AM-FM Hull, CHLN-AM Trois-Rivieres and CHLT-AM-TV Sherbrooke to Telemedia. Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien told a Senate Committee on mass media that Power Corp. would have no connection except as a lender with Telemedia following the sale of the stations. The transaction would make Power a $7,250,000 creditor of Telemedia through a debenture.

On November 1, The Service des Nouvelles Sonores de Télémedia (SNS) began providing French language news voice service to CKAC, CKCV, CKCH, CHLN and CHLT. Stations were joined together by CN-CP Broadband.


The Telemedia Radio Network (Le reseau Télémedia) was formed with CKAC as the flagship. It was joined by Telemedia stations CHLN Trois-Rivieres, CHLT Sherbrooke and CKCH Hull. The network enabled the smaller stations to improve their national and international news services.


Telemedia purchased CKCV-AM Quebec City from Richard Drouin, Benoit Roberge, Jocelyne Roberge and Marthe Drouin.


Newly licensed by the CRTC to Telemedia, CITE-FM Montreal signed on the air May 20.


On May 16, CKTS Radio Sherbrooke Ltee was granted authority to transfer ownership from Beaudem Ltee to Télémedia Communications Ltee. Metro-Media Communications Ltee was authorized to transfer 90% of the ownership of Metro-Media Communications (1977) Ltee from Radio Trois-Rivieres Inc. to Télémedia Communications Ltee. Telmed Ltee, CKCV (Quebec) Ltee, CKAC Ltee, CHLT Radio Sherbrooke Ltee, Metro-Media Communications (1977) Ltee and Télémedia Communications Ltee received approval to amalgamate under the name of Télémedia Communications Ltee., a wholly owned subsidiary of Beaudem Ltee. Telemedia became the direct licensee of the six AM and three FM stations it already controlled in Quebec.


Normand Beauchamp, who was vice president of sales for Telemedia, became vice president of Télémedia Communications Ltee and executive VP of Opex Communications Ltd., Telemedia’s sales arm.

On February 28, CRTC approval was given for the transfer to 93238 Canada Inc. of CJCS Ltd. (CJCS Stratford), Midland-Penetang Broadcasting Ltd. (CKMP Midland), and Orillia Broadcasting Ltd. (CFOR Orillia) by Ranger Communications Ltd., and for the transfer to 93238 of CKGB/CFTI-FM (Timmins Broadcasting Ltd.) Timmins and CFCH/CKAT-FM (Northern Ontario Broadcasting Ltd.) North Bay by Northern Broadcast Management Ltd. (owned by Eastern Broadcasting). 93238 Canada Inc. was indirectly controlled by Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien.

Foster Hewitt decided to sell CKFH-AM in Toronto due to health problems. The station had been losing money since 1978 when CKFH lost the radio rights to the Toronto Maple Leafs to CKO-FM. Hewitt sold CKFH to Telemedia.


Following the purchase by Telemedia of Foster Hewitt’s CKFH, and its renaming to CJCL, the Toronto station began feeding newscasts four times a day to the other Telemedia Ontario stations, while exchanging news with the company’s Quebec network. 

With the addition of the Ontario stations, Telemedia claimed to be the world’s largest privately-owned broadcast group. President of the Ontario group of stations was John Van de Kamer. Leslie Sole was vice president of programming (Ontario), and Gary Hooper was in charge of engineering for Telemedia Ontario.


The following Telemedia appointments were announced: Andre Bureau to president of Telemedia Ventures; John Van de Kamer to president of Telemedia Canada (publishing and broadcasting); Pierre Morrissette to senior VP for finance and administration; and Normand Beauchamp to president of Telemedia Communications broadcast group. 

Newly licensed to Telemedia by the CRTC, the company opened CITF-FM Quebec City on July 22.


Normand Beauchamp and Paul-Emile Baulne left for Radio Mutuel. Pierre Beland, previously vice president of Telemedia’s FM division became president of the company. Jacques Lina became vice president of Telemedia. Andre Gagnon was named vice president of network operations. 

Telemedia Broadcasting System became Canada’s first national satellite distribution system for radio specials and sports programming – including Toronto Blue Jays baseball broadcasts.


Appointments at Telemedia Broadcasting Systems: Len Bramson was promoted to chairman and Don Pagnutti was named executive vice president. At Telemedia Inc., John Van de Kamer, president and formerly CEO, was named CEO. Promoted to president, Telemedia Communications Inc. divisions were Pierre Beland (Quebec) and Peter Viner (Ontario). CKAC vice president and general manager Pierre Arcand was named head of the AM division in the Quebec. Claude Beaudoin became executive VP for Télémedia Quebec, responsible for all radio operations and sales.

Telemedia Communications Inc. agreed to buy CFYN-AM/CHAS-FM Sault Ste. Marie from Gilder Broadcasting Ltd. The CRTC approved the purchase on June 18. Telemedia was the licensee of 19 radio stations located in both small and large markets across Quebec and Ontario. Ownership officially transferred to Telemedia on July 1.


Télémedia Quebec named Liette Champagne vice president of the FM division.


On February 18, the CRTC approved the application for authority for Les Entreprises Télémédia Inc. to acquire the assets of CKCV Quebec from Télémédia Communications Inc. The Commission noted that this application followed an inter-corporate transaction between two wholly-owned subsidiaries of La Corporation Télémédia and that approval of this application did not involve any change of control. The new licensee, as the former one, was a company controlled indirectly by Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien and his family.


Claude Beaudoin was appointed president of Telemedia Communications, the Quebec division of Telemedia. He replaced Pierre Beland, who left the company as a result of a successful bid with former associate Pierre Arcand to purchase CFCF-AM and CFQR-FM (Montreal). 

The stations owned by Telemedia Communications Inc. in Ontario were transferred to new subsidiary company Telemedia Communications Ontario Inc.


Peter D. Viner and Claude Beaudoin were appointed executive vice-presidents of Telemedia Inc. In addition to their other positions, Viner was named chief operating officer for Telemedia West, and Beaudoin, chief operating officer for Telemedia East. 

On July 28, Telemedia was given CRTC approval to purchase CKSL and CIQM-FM (London) from London Broadcasters.

On September 7, CRTC approval was given for the transfer of effective control of Radio Chicoutimi Inc. (CJMT), through the transfer of 30,000 common voting shares from Pierre Tremblay and Georges Abraham (33 1/3% each), Nicol Poitras (25%), and Lise Bergeron (8 1/3%) to Télémédia Communications Inc. Télémédia already held 60% of the voting shares in CFIX-FM, Chicoutimi.


Following its licensing by the CRTC, CHEY-FM Trois-Rivieres signed on the air.

Telemedia Communications announced plans to close CKCV Quebec City, so the company could acquire CHRC in that city. Jacques Duhamel, president and CEO of CHRC, and his partners, would retain ownership of CHOI-FM. Telemedia would keep CITF-FM. Claude Beaudoin, president of Telemedia, said his company had pumped at least $12 million into CKCV over the last ten years in an attempt to return the 64 year old station to profitability. Telemedia closed CKCV upon striking the deal for CHRC.

In May, Sudbury’s CIGM-FM became CJRQ-FM and CKSO (AM) was renamed CIGM (AM).


The CRTC denied the purchase of CHRC by Telemedia. The Commission was concerned about the closure of CKCV, and the dominant position the company would gain in Quebec City with the purchase of CHRC – both in audience share and ad revenue. The Commission also expressed concern over the management agreement that would exist between CHRC and CHOI-FM. The deal would have the two stations managed by the same individuals on behalf of two different licensees. 

Quebec’s only English-language commercial radio station off the island of Montreal signed off after 45 years of broadcasting. CKTS ceased to exist in mid-October. Following an agreement between owner Telemedia and Standard Broadcasting, the 900 kHz frequency in Sherbrooke was now simulcasting Standard’s CJAD 800 Montreal.


Radiomutuel and Telemedia announced plans to put their two Saguenay region AM stations under one management roof. The agreement was designed to ensure the survival of the stations. CJMT and CKRS would continue to have separate programming. Although the two stations would be affiliated with different networks (CJMT with Telemedia and CKRS with Radiomutuel) a single management would administer the stations.

On August 21, Telemedia’s application to have CJMT’s programming originate from CKRS Jonquière rather than from studios in Chicoutimi was denied. The CRTC rejected the management model proposed in the application providing for the amalgamation of the newsrooms of the two competing AM stations serving the Saguenay region. The stations were urged to cooperate where possible, but to continue to provide the region with varied information services.

In Sault Ste. Marie, fragmentation of the audience and a severe recession resulted in Pelmorex (CKCY) and Telemedia (CKCY) pulling the plug on their AM operations on August 30. Both companies would concentrate on their FM operations – CHAS (Telemedia) and CJQM (Pelmorex). The two companies agreed to enter a service agreement that would merge their FM operations into the Pelmorex facilities.

CFTI-FM Timmins became CJQQ-FM.


On September 7, CFOR-AM Orillia became CICX-FM.

CKMP-AM Midland became CICZ-FM.


On September 30, Telemedia and Radiomutuel merged their AM operations because they could no longer afford to compete with each other. As a result, they closed CJMS Montreal, CJRP Quebec, CJMT Chicoutimi, CJRS Sherbrooke, CJTR Trois-Rivieres, and CKCH Hull. All six stations left the air on this date and the licenses were turned in to the CRTC. The merger produced a new company known as RadioMedia, but the two companies still ran their FM stations separately. The CRTC revoked the licences on November 2.


On March 27, the CRTC approved the applications for authority to transfer effective control of Les Entreprises de Radiodiffusion de la Capitale Inc. and the assets of CHRC owned by ERC. These transactions involved the following: A. The transfer of the issued and outstanding class A shares of ERC, belonging to Mr. André Arthur and Mr. Jacques Grenier, to Financière Micadco Inc. (25%), Groupe Commercial AMT Inc. (25%), 2861-3545 Québec Inc. (25%) and Télémédia Communications Inc. (25%); B. Subsequently, the transfer of the shares of ERC held by Financière Micadco Inc., Groupe Commercial AMT Inc. and 2861-3545 Québec Inc. (75%) to the remaining sole shareholder, Télémédia Communications Inc.; and C. The transfer of the assets of CHRC to Radiomédia Inc. 

On the same date, the commission also approved the application for a licence to operate a French-language AM radio news network for the purpose of broadcasting newscasts, public affairs programs and sports programs in place of the AM news network that had been operated by Telemedia. These applications were filed with the Commission in the context of a major restructuring of the AM broadcasting undertakings of Telemedia and Radiomutuel Inc. in the province of Quebec, announced on September 30, 1994. Radiomedia S.E.N.C. was a general partnership owned equally by the two companies.

Pelmorex and Telemedia entered into a management agreement for the operation of their stations in North Bay and Sudbury, effective September 1. In North Bay, Pelmorex’s CHUR moved in to the Telemedia broadcast facility (CFCH/CKAT-FM). In Sudbury, the programming staff at the five stations would now work at one facility while the administrative/support staff worked from another building.


In January, the Pelmorex-Telemedia Northern Ontario LMA was dissolved.

On August 2, the sale of CFMG-FM (Edmonton) from Balsa Broadcasting Corp. to Telemedia Communications Inc. was approved by the CRTC.

On August 12 in North Bay, CFCH became CKAT while CKAT-FM was renamed CKFX-FM.


Effective June 1, Louise Roy took over as president and CEO of Telemedia. She had been with the company since 1994 and succeeded James McCoubrey. Claude Beaudoin was now in charge of all of Telemedia Broadcasting, succeeding Rob Hewett. 

On June 25, CRTC approval came for the purchase of CKSL by Affinity Radio Group Inc. (James O’Brien) from Telemedia Communications Ontario Inc. 

Larche Communications Inc. purchased CICZ-FM Midland from Telemedia. The sale was approved July 23 and Larche assumed ownership on August 29.


On February 17, Telemedia Communications Inc. acquired four radio stations from Pelmorex Radio Inc. With Telemedia’s acquisition of CHUR-FM North Bay, CHVR-FM Pembroke, CJQM-FM and CJMX-FM Sault Ste. Marie, it became the sole commercial radio licensee in both North Bay and Sault Ste. Marie by owning all three of each city’s commercial stations. In Sudbury, it would hold three of the five licences.

The corporate name changed from Telemedia Communications Inc. to Telemedia Radio Inc.

On July 14, CRTC approval for Telemedia Radio Inc. to purchase CKOC and CKLH Hamilton from Radiocorp Inc. was granted. Telemedia took possession of the stations on September 1.

On July 29, Telemedia Radio Inc. was authorized by the CRTC to acquire all of the stations licensed to Telemedia Communications Inc. Telemedia Radio Inc. was a subsidiary of Telemedia Communications Inc.


Telemedia sold its magazine division (TV Guide, Canadian Living, Harrowsmith and others).

The CRTC announced November 8 that by letter of authority dated October 11, it granted a change of ownership for CHAM Hamilton, CHTZ-CHRE-CKTB St. Catharines and CKSL London from Radio Group Inc. to Telemedia Radio Group Inc. Telemedia took possession of the stations on November 1.


The corporate name changed from Telemedia Radio Inc. to Télémédia Radio (Québec) inc.

Telemedia Radio VP Braden Doerr, most recently vice president of the Ontario regional group, assumed responsibility for the Southern Ontario cluster (London, Hamilton and St. Catharines). Rick Doughty, VP of Telemedia Northern Ontario (Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Pembroke and Orillia) would continue in that assignment but also added responsibilities as a member of the executive committee of the Ontario division, reporting to Claude Beaudoin, Telemedia executive VP for Ontario region.  

On May 16, Telemedia confirmed that it had reached an agreement to sell its 11 radio stations in the Province of Quebec, including CKAC and the FM Rock Détente network, and eight other stations located in the Maritime Provinces, to Montreal-based Astral Media for $255 million.

On August 9, the CRTC approved applications by Telemedia Radio Inc. on behalf of Télémédia Radio (Québec) inc., formerly 3903010 Canada Limited, to undertake a corporate reorganization. Telemedia would transfer nine radio stations, essentially located in Quebec, to Télémédia Radio (Québec) inc.

In August, CKGB-AM Timmins moved to the FM band as CKGB-FM.

On December 21, the Federal Competition Commissioner announced that he would oppose, via the Competition Bureau, Astral Media’s acquisition of the eight French-language radio stations (six FM stations and two AM stations) belonging to Télémédia located in the Province of Quebec and the acquisition of the 50% stake held by Télémédia in Radiomédia, which included CKAC (Montreal) and CHRC (Quebec City).


Notwithstanding the Competition Commissioner’s opposition, on April 19 the CRTC approved the application to transfer control of the Télémédia stations to Astral Media, provided however that Astral Media divest itself, in favour of an eventual purchaser, of radio station CFOM-FM (Lévis), which Astral already owned.

The Commission also approved the purchase of several Telemedia radio and television stations (in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia) by Standard Radio Inc. Standard in turn would sell a number of stations to Rogers Broadcasting and NewCap Broadcasting. 

On September 3, the Competition Bureau announced that it had reached an agreement to resolve the problems of competition raised by Astral Media’s plan to purchase Télémédia’s radio stations in the Province of Quebec. According to the agreement, the AM stations belonging to the two companies in each of the six markets at issue would have to be sold. On the other hand, Astral could keep the four FM stations from Télémédia’s Rock Détente network, as well as radio station CFOM-FM (Lévis). 

Pursuant to the Competition Bureau’s decision on December 21, 2001, Astral Media announced on September 12 that it had sold seven French-language stations to a new company created jointly by Groupe TVA and Radio Nord Communications, for $12.7 million. Besides the Montreal radio station CKAC, the new company thereby purchased all of Astral’s French-language AM radio stations in the Province of Quebec, namely, CJRC (Hull/Gatineau), CKRS (Saguenay), CHLT (Sherbrooke), CHLN (Trois-Rivières) and CHRC (Quebec City). It also acquired CFOM-FM (Lévis).

List of Undertakings Involved in the Telemedia to Astral transaction – Quebec: CHLT Sherbrooke, CITÉ-FM-1 Sherbrooke and its transmitter CITÉ-FM-2 Sherbrooke, CITF-FM Québec, CHRC Québec, CFIX-FM Chicoutimi, CIMF-FM Gatineau and its transmitter CIMF-FM-1 Hawkesbury, Ontario, CHLN Trois-Rivières, CHEY-FM Trois-Rivières, CITÉ-FM Montréal, CKAC Montréal, CKTS Sherbrooke, Digital radio station CITÉ-FM Montréal, Digital radio station CKAC Montréal, Radio Rock Détente network, CHLN/CKSM network, Trois-Rivières/Shawinigan, Radiomedia network, Réseau de hockey des Canadiens de Montréal, Réseau de baseball des Expos de Montréal. New Brunswick: CFXY-FM Fredericton, CIBX-FM Fredericton, CIKX-FM Grand Falls and its transmitter CJCJ-FM-2 Plaster Rock, CKBC Bathurst, CKHJ Fredericton and its transmitters CKHJ-FM-1 New Maryland and CKHJ-FM-2 Oromocto, CJCJ-FM Woodstock, CKHJ/CJCJ-FM network, Fredericton/Woodstock. Nova Scotia: CKTO-FM Truro, CKTY-FM Truro.

Broadcasting undertakings acquired by Standard Radio Inc. – Note: In Broadcasting Decisions CRTC 2002-92 and 2002-93 issued on July 19th 2002 , Standard was authorized to sell the assets certain of the undertakings listed below to Rogers Broadcasting Limited (RBL) and to 3937844 Canada Inc. (3937844), a subsidiary of Newcap Inc. In this list, the call signs of the undertakings that Standard would sell to RBL are marked with an *, and the call signs of undertakings that Standard would sell to 3937844 are marked with an ** Ontario: Hamilton CKOC, Hamilton CKLH-FM, Hamilton CHAM, London CKSL, London CJBK, London CJBX-FM, London CIQM-FM, North Bay *CKAT, North Bay *CKFX-FM, North Bay *CHUR-FM, Orillia *CICX-FM, Pembroke CHVR-FM, Sault Ste. Marie *CHAS-FM, Sault Ste. Marie *CJQM-FM, Sault Ste. Marie *CIRS, St. Catharines CKTB, St. Catharines CHTZ-FM, St. Catharines CHRE-FM, Sudbury *CIGM, Sudbury *CJRQ-FM, Sudbury *CJMX-FM, Timmins *CKGB-FM, Timmins *CJQQ-FM, Toronto CJEZ-FM, Toronto CJEZ-DR-1, Toronto *CJCL, Toronto *CJCL-DR-2, Toronto *Prime Time Sports Network.  Alberta: Athabasca **CKBA, Blairmore/Elkford **CJPR, Brooks **CIBQ, Calgary **new FM, Drumheller **CKDQ, Edmonton (St. Albert) CFMG-FM, Edson **CJYR, Grand Centre (Cold Lake) **CJCM, High Prairie **CKVH, Hinton **CIYR, Saint Paul **CHLW, Slave Lake **CKWA, Stettler **CKSQ, Wainright **CKKY, Westlock **CFOK, Wetaskiwin **CKJR. British Columbia: Dawson Creek CJDC-TV, Dawson Creek CJDC, Fort Nelson CKRX-FM, Fort St. John CHRX-FM, Fort St. John CHRX-FM network, Fort St. John CKNL, Golden CKGR, Kelowna CKBL, Kelowna CHSU-FM, Kitimat CKTK, Nelson CKKC, Osoyoos CJOR, Penticton CJMG-FM, Penticton CKOR, Penticton CKOR network, Prince Rupert CHTK, Princeton CIOR, Revelstoke CKCR, Salmon Arm CKXR, Summerland CHOR, Terrace CFTK, Terrace CJFW-FM, Terrace CFTK-TV, Trail CJAT-FM, Vernon CICF.

Telemedia Communications (1968-2002) Radio Stations

(Click on the call letters to view individual station histories)

CFBG-FM101.9Bracebridge, ON
CFMG-FM104.9Edmonton, AB
CFTK-AM590Terrace, BC
CFXE-FM95.5Edson, AB
CFXH-FM97.5Hinton, AB
CFXY-FM105.3Fredericton, NB
CFYN-AM1050Sault Ste. Marie, ON
CHAM-AM820Hamilton, ON
CHAS-FM100.5Sault Ste. Marie, ON
CHBM-FM97.3Toronto, ON
CHOR-FM98.5Summerland, BC
CHRE-FM105.7St. Catharines, ON
CHRX-FM98.5Fort St. John, BC
CHSL-FM92.7Slave Lake, AB
CHSP-FM97.7St. Paul, AB
CHSU-FM99.9Kelowna, BC
CHTK-FMn/aPrince Rupert, BC
CHTZ-FM97.7St. Catharines, ON
CHUR-FM100.5North Bay, ON
CHVR-FM96.7Pembroke, ON
CIBQ-FM105.7Brooks, AB
CIBX-FM106.9Fredericton, NB
CICF-FM105.7Vernon, BC
CICX-FM105.9Orillia, ON
CICZ-FM104.1Midland, ON
CIGM-FM93.5Sudbury, ON
CIKX-FM93.5Grand Falls, NB
CIOR-AM1400Princeton, BC
CIQM-FM97.5London, ON
CJAT-FM95.7Trail, BC
CJBK-AM1290London, ON
CJBX-FM92.7London, ON
CJCJ-FM104.1Woodstock, NB
CJCL-AM590Toronto, ON
CJCS-FM107.1Stratford, ON
CJDC-AM890Dawson Creek, BC
CJFW-FM103.1Terrace, AB
CJMG-FM97.1Penticton, BC
CJMX-FM105.3Sudbury, ON
CJOR-AM1240Osoyoos / Oliver, BC
CJPR-FM94.9Blairmore, AB
CJQM-FM104.3Sault Ste. Marie, ON
CJQQ-FM92.1Timmins, ON
CJRP-AM1060Québec City, QC
CJRQ-FM92.7Sudbury, ON
CJXK-FM95.3Grand Centre (Cold Lake), AB
CKAT-AM600North Bay, ON
CKBA-FM94.1Athabasca, AB
CKBC-FM104.9Bathurst, NB
CKCH-AM970Hull, QC
CKCR-FM106.1Revelstoke, BC
CKDQ-AM910Drumheller, AB
CKFR-AM1150Kelowna, BC
CKFX-FM101.9North Bay, ON
CKGB-FM99.3Timmins, ON
CKGR-FM106.3Golden, BC
CKHJ-AM1260Fredericton, NB
CKJR-AM1440Wetaskiwin, AB
CKKC-FM106.9Nelson, BC
CKKY-FM101.9Wainwright, AB
CKLH-FM102.9Hamilton, ON
CKNL-FM101.5Fort St. John, BC
CKOB-FM106.9Trois-Rivières, QC
CKOC-AM1150Hamilton, ON
CKOR-AM800Penticton, BC
CKRX-FM102.3Fort Nelson, BC
CKSL-AM1410London, ON
CKSQ-FM93.3Stettler, AB
CKTB-AM610St. Catharines, ON
CKTK-FM97.7Kitimat, BC
CKTO-FM100.9Truro, NS
CKTS-AM900Sherbrooke, QC
CKTY-FM99.5Truro, NS
CKVH-FM93.5High Prairie, AB
CKWB-FM97.9Westlock, AB
CKXR-FM91.5Salmon Arm, BC

Telemedia Communications (1968-2002) Television Stations

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CFTK-TV3Terrace, BC
CHLT-DT7.1 (7)Sherbrooke, QC
CJDC-TV5Dawson Creek, BC