CTV Television Network


Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1963 to 1967

Broadcast Medium: Television

This half-hour weekly public affairs show was chaired by CTV newscaster Ab Douglas, and featured a representative from each of the four political parties of the day – Conservative, Liberal, New Democrat and Social Credit – answering barbed questions from the host. The unique feature of the program was that each politician was in a soundproof booth, and could not hear his colleagues’ answers. Then the quartet would emerge for a free-for-all in the final few minutes of the show.

Platform originated in Ottawa in the studios of CTV affiliate CJOH-TV, and debuted on the Network on January 30th 1963 at 5:00pm on Sundays. It returned to the CTV schedule for one more season in 1966-67 at 1:30pm on Sundays.

Written by Pip Wedge – November, 2002