Reo Thompson (1917-1965)

Reo Thompson

Year Born: 1917

Year Died: 1965

Year of Induction: 1986

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Thompson, Reo (1917-1965)

Reo Thompson had his start in radio with the Calgary Albertan station CJCJ in 1936. In 1937, he joined the announcing staff at CJCA Edmonton, in due course becoming Chief Announcer, Program Director and Production Manager. After a stint in the RCAF beginning in 1943, Reo resumed his radio career at ACMO’s sister station CKWX in Vancouver where he was appointed Program Supervisor.

1951 found Reo at CFCF in Montreal where he had accepted the position of Program Manager. Two years later, he moved to Toronto, as Manager of the Television Division of All-Canada. In 1959, he was appointed General Manager, All-Canada Radio and Television Limited. He became a Vice-President in 1964.

Reo will be remembered for his many industry activities – among them, serving as Chairman of the first and second “Television Weeks”, and of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Committee on Canadian Talent Development.

Unfortunately, his sudden death in 1965 brought to a premature end the brilliant career of a truly dedicated broadcaster.

In 1986, posthumously, Reo Thompson was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – December, 1996