Casimir G. Stanczykowski (1927-1981)

Casimir G. Stanczykowski

Year Born: 1927

Year Died: 1981

Year of Induction: 1986

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Stanczykowski, Casimir G., C.M. (1973), L.L.D. (1927-1981)

The founder of CFMB Montreal and CKJS Winnipeg, Casimir Stanczykowski was the producer of Canada’s first continental language broadcasts beginning in 1950, on Montreal station CHLP. In 1962, he obtained a licence from the BBG for the first multi-lingual radio station in Canada – CFMB, and in 1975 he established a second multi-lingual station in Winnipeg – CKJS.

After serving during WW II in the Polish Underground Army, Stanczykowski emigrated to Canada and in due course became deeply involved in various activities, principally relating to ethnic matters. From 1968-71, he was President of the Quebec Ethnic Folk Arts Council; President and Founder (67-69) of Polish Soccer Club, Polonia; President (68-72) Canadian Citizenship Federation; 1st Vice-President (69-71) Montreal Citizenship Council.

He was the recipient of many awards, citations, plaques and honours from a cross-section of organizations devoted to community endeavours, and served on various committees in the broadcasting industry. His impressive career was cut short in 1981 by a tragic automobile accident.

Casimir Stanczykowski, in 1986, was inducted posthumously into the CAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – April, 1996