Luc Simard (1921-2009)

Luc Simard

Year Born: 1921

Year Died: 2009

Year of Induction: 1987

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Simard, Luc (1921-2009)

Studies at the Canadian School of Electricity in Mont St. Louis and the Montreal Technical School well-served Luc Simard when, in 1947, he entered broadcasting as one of the founding members of Radio CJFP Ltée in Riviére-du-Loup. He expanded his territory with the additional transmitters in Cabana (CJAF), Pohenegamook (CHRT) and Trois-Pistoles (CJTF).

In 1961, Luc brought television to Riviere-du-Loup when he founded CKRT-TV.

Cable de Riviére-du-Loup was introduced in 1970 – and this venture involved creating a park containing aerials and antennas in Mont Bleu which became the Communications center of the Lower St. Laurence region.

In 1976, Luc’s son Marc joined with him in setting up the second French television service in Riviere-du-Loup (CIMT-TV) and its Edmunston, New Brunswick retransmitter CIMT-TV1.

In 1977, Luc bought radio station CHGB in La Pocatiere and its retransmitter CHAL in St. Pamphile.

Reaching the age of 65, he established “one last” radio station in the Lower St. Laurence region – CIBM-FM with 100,000 watts.

Luc also became the license-holder of VE2TC – a ham transmitter which he set up in 1945.

An amateur fisherman with an interest in navigation, Luc was made an auxiliary member of the Canadian Coast Guard as Director of Communications of emergency actions in Riviere-du-Loup. As a devoted environmentalist, he took an active role in the Quebec Forestry Association.

In 1987, Luc Simard was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Luc Simard died in Trois-Rivières on March 11th 2009 at the age of 87.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – October, 1996