Robert C. Schurman (1925-1973)

Robert Schurman

Year Born: 1925

Year Died: 1973

Year of Induction: 1986

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Schurman, Robert C. (1925-1973)

Bob Schurman was already a “name” when he joined Radio Station CHGS, Summerside, PEI. Taking an active part in sports at an early age – particularly in baseball and hockey – he was not only a participant but also a builder of sport. As a ball-player, he was a tireless catcher – in hockey, a determined goal-tender. In any and all sports, he was a leader.

Bob’s experience in the sports world was fully exploited beginning in 1947 when he gradually retired from active playing on joining the announcing staff of Summerside’s first radio station CHGS (“Call Holman’s Guaranteed Satisfaction”), established in 1925 with 100 watts of power on 1500 kcs by the venerable department store, R.T. Holman Limited.

His voice became recognizable, not only through regular program announcing, but from endless hours of sports reporting and play-by-play (especially) in hockey and baseball. He was the first in PEI to broadcast baseball and bowling, and also described boxing, curling and harness racing.

Unfortunately, CHGS closed down in 1947, and Summerside was without a local radio station until November 17, 1948, when a newly-formed company – Gulf Broadcasting Company Limited – launched CJRW with 250 watts on 1240 kcs.

Bob was appointed CJRW’s chief announcer – and later promoted to program director, assistant manager – general manager – and in 1958 – president and general manager. Coincidentally, he performed as a master-of-ceremonies at almost every function that was staged in the Summerside area – be it sports or otherwise. Even after entering provincial politics in 1970, which demanded countless hours of his time, he lent his services generously.

But, Bob Schurman was not destined to enjoy life’s three-score-and ten – and on the 15th of January, 1973, passed away in his 48th year. He was succeeded as President by his brother Paul H. Schurman who, in 1970, had become General Manager of CJRW.

In July, 1973, The Honourable Robert Clayton Schurman was inducted posthumously into the Prince Edward Island Sports Hall of Fame.

In 1986, Bob Schurman was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – October, 1996