Sam G. Ross (1905-1977)

Sam Ross
Sam Ross

Year Born: 1905

Year Died: 1977

Year of Induction: 1986

Sam Ross started his career as an office boy for the Winnipeg Tribune, and then moved up in the trade as a reporter with the Regina Leader-Post. This led to a job as city editor of the Calgary Albertan before joining Canadian Press in 1931.

August 12, 1933 found Sam at CP headquarters in Toronto; November 11, 1933 in Winnipeg; January 1. 1936 in charge of the Edmonton bureau; December 1, 1939 acting Pacific Superintendent in Vancouver.

On July 1, 1941, Sam returned to Toronto to become the first manager of Press News Limited, which was the original company providing CP news to private broadcasting stations.

Sam remained at Press News (later Broadcast News) until he resigned to accept the news directorship of CKWX Vancouver. During the latter months of WW II, Sam served overseas as a correspondent for ‘WX and its affiliated stations and was with the Canadian forces when they crossed the Rhine. Returning to Vancouver after the war, he was appointed Assistant Manager of CKWX. 

In 1958, the Taylor-Pearson-Carson group selected Sam to set up a news service in Ottawa for the All-Canada Mutually Operated stations group – a time when the Press Gallery had yet to accept radio correspondents. Sam had to cover Parliament from the public gallery during his first year. He became the first broadcaster to he admitted to the Press Gallery and went on to be elected its president. On his retirement in 1968, Sam returned to Vancouver where he lectured for two years at Langara College.

Sam Ross died March 24, 1977.

In 1986, Sam Ross was named to the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.