Velma Rogers (1906-1971)

Velma Rogers
Velma Rogers

Year Born: 1906

Year Died: 1971

Year of Induction: 1982

Velma Rogers Graham, the widow of Ted Rogers Sr. and mother of E.S. “Ted” Rogers Jr., was an enthusiastic and active participant in broadcasting – the common thread and inspiration in carrying on the Rogers family tradition. She was a strong believer that broadcasting represented a community service and a public trust.

Begun in 1975, a permanent trophy in memory of Ted Rogers Sr. and Velma Rogers Graham is offered in conjunction with the CAB Annual Meeting to an individual making the most significant single or continuing contribution to the Canadian broadcasting system, or for exceptional community service by the nominee in his or her role as a broadcaster.

Velma Rogers Graham died in 1971. In 1982, she was inducted into the CAB Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame.