Jacques Proulx (1935-)

Jacques Proulx

Year Born: 1935

Year of Induction: 1999

Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Proulx, Jacques (1935- )

Jacques Proulx’s entry into broadcasting took place in 1960 when he joined the staff of CKBL, Matane, Quebec, as a radio announcer. Within six months, the local press named him CKBL’s most-popular announcer. In 1961, Jacques moved to Quebec City where, despite intense competition, he captured the lion’s share of the ratings, and won the 1962 Radio-Monde Award. He returned to his native Montreal in 1963 to co-host with Réal Giguére the morning show on CKAC. In 1966, Jacques had his own afternoon show. Two years later, he became CKAC’s “Morning Man” and went on to set a 19-year ratings record. He retired in 1987.

Regarded as one of the most-gifted communicators in the history of radio, Jacques Proulx had a significant influence on Montrealers. He was respected by his listeners for his ability to deliver high quality content and to relate to his audience. His standards of excellence for radio revitalized the industry as a whole.

Deeply commited to the community, Jacques continued his involvement in a number of charitable activities – those of benefit to children, the disabled, the MS Society, the Red Cross and the Club Optimiste.

In 1999, Jacques Proulx was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – October, 1999