Henri Lepage (1901-1969)

Henri Lepage

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Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Lepage, Henri (1901-1969)

Henri Lepage was born in Rimouski, became a bank manager and inspector for the Bank of Montreal and Bank Canadienne Nationale, was a public accountant, and then joined the broadcasting industry as Secretary-Treasurer of CHRC Ltée., in Québec City in 1930.

Henri was a founding director in 1945 of the sales representative firm, Hardy Radio Ltd.

1946 saw him founding a new radio station, CKRS Jonquière, where he became President. (Radio Saguenay Ltée.)

In 1947, Henri Lepage was appointed General Manager of CHRC Ltée. Québec City, and in 1949 put CHRC-FM on the air – the city’s first FM station.

In 1954, he was instrumental in bringing television to Québec City, when CFCM-TV came on the air. He was a director and Secretary-Treasurer of the company. A year later, Henri founded CKRS-TV Jonquière, as President of the company. 1956 saw the formation of CKMI-TV, the only English language TV station in Québec City.

Mr. Lepage was a founding Director of L’Association Canadienne de la Radio et de la Télévision de Langue Française (ACRTF), the French broadcasters association, and served for many years on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters

In 1967, Henri Lepage was awarded the Confederation Medal by the Canadian Government, in recognition for his services in the broadcasting industry.

Henri Lepage retired in 1968, and died on August 26th 1969.   He was posthumously named to the CAB Hall of Fame in 1986.

Written by Marcel Leboeuf – December, 1997