Paul L’Anglais (1907-1982)

Paul L'Anglais

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Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

L’Anglais, Paul (1907-1982)

Broadcaster, Soldier

Paul L’Anglais had two careers – both distinguished — one in the military — the other in broadcasting.

He was the Commanding Officer of the Mount Royal Fusiliers from 1949 to 1952. Following a brilliant military career, he retired with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He also served as a Canadian delegate to NATO in London and Washington.

In 1932, Paul L’ Anglais was a producer of radio programs at CHLP, a venerable Montreal station whose call letters under a new owner in the late 50s became CJMS. Moving from producing to the sales field. Colonel L’Anglais founded the sales representation firm bearing his name, Paul L’Anglais, Inc.

In 1961. he co-founded Tele-International Corp and Canada’s second-largest TV station – Tele-Metropole Inc (CFTM-TV). He also became a movie producer.

From 1963-65, Colonel L’Anglais served as the mayor of Dorval, and was a former President of l’Association Canadienne de la Radio et de la Television de langue Francaise.

Paul L’Anglais was a graduate of the University of Montreal. He studied architecture and law at McGill University, but chose to devote his energies to media enterprises. He died May 23, 1982 at 74 years.

Posthumously, Paul L’Anglais was inducted into the CAB Hall of Fame in 1984.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – February, 1996