François Labbé (1928-)

François Labbé

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Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Labbé, François (1928- )

A resident of Thetford Mines from the day of his birth, September 23, 1928, François Labbé chose not only to continue living in the same town, but also in his family home – the very same house in which he was born. This decision takes on great significance when one considers the sense of belonging that this businessman had for his native town.

After completing his studies at the Faculty of Commerce of Laval University in Quebec City, he immediately became involved in his region’s business circle.  In 1959, François Labbé became President of Radio Mégantic Ltd.  While operating Thetford Mines’ radio station CKLD, he worked steadily on his plan to implement a radio network especially designed to meet the needs of the large region he served.  His plans came to fruition, and François Labbé  became the President of “Réseau des Appalaches”, and the controlling shareholder of each of the six radio stations that formed part of the network.

In addition to being at the head of Réseau des Appalaches, François Labbé became the President of Radio Victoriaville Ltd., Radio Plessisville Ltd., Radio Mégantic Ltd., and Publications Appalaches Ltd. He was also elected a Director of the insurance company La Solidarité and named a Governor of the Laval University Foundation.

While his numerous and important business activities required a great deal of his time, he put together a liaison system which enabled the linking of the six stations of Réseau des Appalaches by Hertzian waves.

François Labbé’s skills as a businessman, his knowledge of his market and his experience in broadcasting, undoubtedly have proved to be powerful assets.

In 1998, François Labbé was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – October, 1999