Frank Griffiths (1916-1994)

Frank Griffiths
Frank Griffiths

Year Born: 1916

Year Died: 1994

Year of Induction: 1994

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Griffiths, Frank (1916-1994)

By profession a chartered accountant, Frank Griffiths will be remembered as an entrepreneur in broadcasting and sports.

He bought his first radio station, CKNW New Westminster/Vancouver in 1956, which became the starting point for a series of initiatives and acquisitions over four decades. By the time he had formed WIC Western International Communications in 1983, the Griffiths broadcasting “empire” also included CJOB/CJKR-FM Winnipeg, CHAN-TV Vancouver, CHEK-TV Victoria, CHBC Kelowna, CFMI-FM Vancouver, CFQR Calgary, CHML/CKDS-FM Hamilton, controlling shareholder of Canadian Satellite Communications (Cancom), and went on to add CHOG/CILQ-FM Toronto, CICT-TV Calgary, CISA-TV Lethbridge, CITV-TV Edmonton, CKRD-TV Red Deer, CHED and CKNG-FM Edmonton, and CHCH-TV Hamilton.

Other WIC properties include Allarcom Pay Television Limited (owner of Superchannel in Western Canada), holdings in Family Channel, Studio Post and Transfer, Home Theatre, and CellularVision.

Apart from broadcasting, in the 70s, Frank Griffiths bought the Vancouver Canucks hockey team, and was appointed Vice-Chairman of the NHL.

The recipient of several awards, Frank Griffiths was inducted as a member of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, the Hockey Hall of Fame and (1994) the CAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Chairman and team owner Frank A. Griffiths passed away on April 7, 1994 after a lengthy illness. In his memory, the Vancouver Canucks players wore a patch on their uniform with the inscription “2 points F.G.”, Mr. Griffiths’ signature phrase.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – February, 1996