Gilles Grégoire (1939-)

Gilles Grégoire

Year Born: 1939

Year of Induction: 1996

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Grégoire, Gilles (1939- )

Gilles Grégoire began his television career in 1956 when he was engaged as a film editor at CFCM-TV in Quebec City. In due course, he was named director of commercial production for both CFCM-TV and its companion English-language station CKMI-TV.
In 1977, Gilles moved to Rimouski as Vice-President and General Manager of CFER-TV. He returned to Quebec City 3 years later, this time as Vice-President and General Manager of Tele-Capitale Ltee, the corporate entity that owned CFCM-TV and CKMI-TV. In 1984, Gilles became President and Chief Operating Officer for Tele-Capitale.

Between then and 1986, Gilles Grégoire held several executive positions with Télé-Capitale and Television Quatre Saisons, but returned to Quebec City in 1986 to head CFAP-TV which had begun operations as a Quatre Saisons affiliate . In 1995, Gilles was appointed a consultant to the Television Quatre Saisons network. 
Grégoire is a former president of the Association canadienne de la radio et télévision de langue française and, in 1988, served as ACRTF vice-president, television.

Deeply committed to the community, Gilles has served on the board of two hospitals and was active in various Rotary Clubs. 

A broadcaster who devoted his entire working life to the development of French language television in Quebec, Gilles Grégoire was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1996.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – January, 1997