George A. Cromwell (1913-2002)

George A. Cromwell

Year Born: 1913

Year Died: 2002

Year of Induction: 1986

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Cromwell, George A. (1913-2002)

In his 40-year career in broadcastng, George Cromwell worked for only one employer – the New Brunswick Broadcasting Co. Ltd, the licensee of CHSJ-AM (and later) CHSJ-TV, Saint John, New Brunswick. The company was owned by the Irving Family.

George started in 1937 as a part-time announcer and worked his way through the ranks to become General Manager of the radio station and, also in 1954, the TV station.

As an early CRBC and CBC radio affiliate, CHSJ originated a number of “live” programs to the coast to-coast network, with George serving as producer and announcer – such shows as FUNDY FROLICS, MUSIC STYLED FOR STRINGS, and BACKWOODS BREAKDOWN, (the latter introducing to national audiences Don Messer and Charlie Chamberlain), as well as a number of dramatic programs.

George Cromwell was appointed Sales Manager in 1940, Station Manager in 1945 and General Manager of CHSJ Radio/Television in 1954. He retired in 1977.

He has served the industry as a Director of the Atlantic Association of Broadcasters and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters.

George Cromwell was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1986.

He passed away early in 2002, having suffered a stroke in the late 1990’s.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – March, 1996