Ferdinand Biondi (1909-1998)

Ferdinand Biondi
Ferdinand Biondi

Year Born: 1909

Year Died: 1998

Year of Induction: 1983

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Biondi, Ferdinand (1909-1998)

Ferdinand Biondi began his broadcasting career in early radio dramas in Montreal on CKAC, CHLP and Radio-Canada. In 1936, he joined the staff of CKAC where he held successive positions as announcer, editor, producer, special programming director, senior producer, artistic director and news and public affairs director.

Mr. Biondi initiated numerous cultural programs, including “Ameliorons notre langue parlee” (Improving Your Speech), produced in collaboration with C.E.C.M. (Montreal Catholic School Board) and broadcast in every school in Montreal. He also created many educational and cultural programs for commercial broadcast.

In 1965, Ferdinand Biondi left CKAC to become Secretary-General of the Holy Cross Fathers at St. Joseph’s Oratory. In 1967, he accepted the position of Assistant to the Chairman of the Greater Montreal Arts Council. In 1976, he was appointed Secretary General of the Montreal Arts Council.

Mr.Biondi holds the “Médaille du Bon Parler” (Good French Speaking Award), and has been decorated with the Order of Malta, and by the Vatican.

In 1983, Ferdinand Biondi was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Written by J. Lyman Potts – March, 1996