John E. W. Ansell (1926-2019)

John E. W. Ansell
John Ansell 1981-82

Year Born: 1926

Year Died: 2019

Year of Induction: 1990

Pioneer – Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Ansell, John E. W. (1926- )

Career broadcaster and “lifetime employee” of Selkirk Communications. Following high school broadcasting, part-time apprenticeship at CKOV Kelowna (1940-42), and three years with the Canadian Army, John was hired by CJVI’s Program Manager Dick Batey in 1945 as an announcer. The General Manager at the time was Maurice Vandeleur (Ches) Chesnut. As morning man, after cycling in on the official company bike, his first on-air duty was to scalp the local paper for the 7 am newscast. After handing over CJVI’s official morning man bicycle to his successor, John joined CKWX Vancouver in 1946 as an announcer, thence to Program Manager and ultimately Operations Manager. In that role and those that followed, he watched how technology changed the world of radio.

In 1968 John was appointed General Manager of sister station CFAC Calgary. In 1971 he returned to Victoria as President and General Manager of CJVI, a post he held until August 1987 when he decided to take early retirement. He was then named Chairman of CJVI’s Advisory Board on which he served until June of 1995.

John played an active role in industry affairs and was Chairman of the CAB Board of Directors in 1981 – 82. He was also the recipient of several honours. In 1983, he was selected Broadcaster of the Year by both the BC Association of Broadcasters and the Broadcast Education Assocation of Canada, and was also awarded the CAB’s Gold Ribbon Award for distinguished service to broadcasting. He was awarded lifetime membership in the Broadcast Education Association in 1987. In 1995, John was conferred with the  BC Institute of Technology Distinguished Service Award, and joined the CAB Half-Century Club.

John was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1990.

John died on Aiugust 16th 2019, at thee age of 93.