CTV Television Network

Mighty Jungle

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1997 to 1998

Broadcast Medium: Television

The Mighty Jungle told the story of Dan Winfield, a zookeeper who lived with his family in a large enclosed rainforest, and who on taking up his new job was amazed to find that – the animals could talk.  Vinnie, the Brooklyn Sewer Alligator, Jack, the Californian Circus Sea Lion, Winston, the British Orangutan and Viola, the Latin Toucan, all interacted with Dan and his family – his wife Susan, and son and daughter Andrew and Alison (although only Dan knew his animal friends could talk) – in a series of half-hour adventure stories.

 Animatronics, a system using a combination of radio and pneumatic controls, animated the animals, who were voiced by Delta Burke, Tony Danza, David Fowler and P.J. Heslin.  Francis Guignan played Dan Winfield, Charlene Fernetz was his wife Susan, and Noah Shebib and Molly Atkinson played the children.

 The 26 Mighty Jungle episodes played on CTV on Saturday mornings in the 1997-98 broadcast season, having previously played on the U.S. Family Network.  The series was a co-production of Canada’s Alliance Communications Corp, Le Sabre Group for France 2, and the Family Channel.

Pip Wedge – August 2003