CTV Television Network

Lonesome Dove: The Series/The Outlaw Years

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1994 to 1996

Broadcast Medium: Television

This one-hour series was a spin-off from Larry McMurtry’s novel and subsequent U.S. (CBS) television mini-series, but in the end it failed to capitalize on the success of its illustrious progenitors, surviving for only two seasons. None of the original mini-series cast were in the one-hour version, which starred Scott Bairstow, Eric McCormack (later to be seen in Will and Grace), Paul LeMat, Diahann Carroll and Christianne Hurt. The stories were set in Curtis Wells in Montana Territory in 1878 (The Series) and 1880 (The Outlaw Years), and followed the story of Newt Dobbs, a boy in the original mini-series, who grew to manhood, claimed his birthright, took the name of Newt Call and married the beautiful Hannah Peale.

Guest stars in The Series included Billy Dee Williams, Judge Reinhold, Dennis Weaver, Robert Culp and Graham Greene. Lonesome Dove: The Series, ran on CTV in the 1994-95 season on Saturdays at 9:00pm, while The Outlaw Years in 1995-96 moved an hour later. The series was produced for Hallmark by Robert Halmi Jnr. in association with Canada’s Telegenic Programs Inc. 

Written by Pip Wedge – August, 2002