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Listener, The

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2009 to 2014

Broadcast Medium: Television

The Listener
Lisa Marcos as Charlie Marks, Craig Olejnik as Toby Logan, Ennis Esmer as Osman ‘Oz’ Bey, and Mylène Dinh-Robic as Olivia Fawcett

Piloted in the summer of 2006 as part of CTV’s new program development policy, The Listener received a 13-episode series commitment from the network in February 2008. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that NBC had acquired the U.S. network rights to the series, for broadcast in the fall of 2008 (which was later revised to Summer 2009).  This was the second CTV series to receive a U.S. network commitment in the space of a few weeks;  CBS had earlier acquired U.S. rights to another CTV series, Flashpoint, for summer 2008 scheduling.

The Listener told the story of Toby Logan, a young paramedic who had paranormal powers that allowed him to ‘listen to’ and read people’s minds, and to act on this knowledge for the public good.  Craig Olejnik played Toby Logan, with Ennis Esmer as Toby’s sidekick and fellow paramedic, Osman Bey.

The Listener was created by Michael Amo, and developed by Shaftesbury Films in association with CTV. The executive producer was Christina Jennings.

The series debuted on the network as well as on NBC on June 4th 2009, at 10:00pm, with its premiere on the Space Channel having taken place the previous day.

The Listener
Tara Spencer-Nairn

On July 16th, NBC announced that they would be cancelling The Listener, but  CTV completed its broadcasts of the first series on August 27th 2009.

On November 17th it was reported that CTV, Space and Fox International Channels had ordered a second series of thirteen episodes of The Listener. On June 3rd, when CTV announced its fall 2010 schedule, The Listener was among the list of returning Canadian series.

The Listener
Lauren Lee-Smith

The second season debuted on CTV on February 8th 2011. Added to the cast were Lauren Lee Smith as Sgt. Michelle McCluskey, and former Corner Gas star Tara Spencer-Nairn as head charge-nurse Sandy.

On April 1st, the series moved to Fridays at 8 pm,  with new episodes featuring Canadian guest stars Cynthia Dale, Kris Holden-Ried, Yannick Bisson and Aaron Ashmore. 

On October 5th 2011, Shaftesbury Films, in association with CTV and Fox International Channels, reported that production was underway on Season 3 of The Listener.

It was also announced that U.S. entertainment network ION Television had acquired the first two seasons of the series for broadcast in 2012 with the option for future seasons. The series continued to star Craig Olejnik as mind-reading paramedic Toby Logan, and was broadcast on CTV and Bravo! in Canada, and internationally through Fox International  in 120 countries and 33 languages.

Season 3 of the 13-episode, one-hour series was shot in and around Toronto through February 2012, with guest stars to include Kristin Lehman, Rossif Sutherland, Ian Tracey , Canadian rapper, record producer and actor Wes Williams, and Fefe Dobson.

Season 3 debuted on CTV on May 30th 2012., and ended on September 12th 2012.

On July 27th 2012, CTV announced that it had ordered a fourth season of 13 episodes from  Shaftesbury Films The new season began on May 29th 2013, but the following May saw the series cancelled.

Season 5 Cast:

Toby Logan                         Craig Olejnik
Sgt. Michelle McClusky     Lauren Lee Smith
Tia Tremblay                      Melanie Scrofano
Oz Bey                                  Ennis Esmer
Corporal Dev  Clark         Sun Francks
Adam Reynolds                 Kris Holden-Ried
Insp. Brian Becker            Anthony Lemke
Alex Kendrick                   Natalie Krill

Written by Pip Wedge – July, 2013