Telelatino Network Inc

Leonardo World Canada

In 2000, Telelatino Network Inc was awarded a licence for an all-Italian cable specialty channel to be called Sitcom Canada – not because it was to feature situation comedies, but because the source of much of the channel’s program material was to originate with an Italian source, Sitcom SpA Group. However the channel was launched in 2005 as Leonardo World Canada, “an all-lifestyle channel showcase of Italian arts and culture ranging from runway fashions to car designs, as well as travel and cuisine”.The program schedule included the requisite hours of Canadian programming. 

Cable operators began dropping Leonardo World from their specialty channel options in 2007, and  on December 19, 2007 the channel closed down.

Written by Pip Wedge – January, 2008

Ownership: Telelatino Network Inc

Start Year: 2005 to 2007