TVA Television Network

Juliette Pomerleau

Network: TVA Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1999

Broadcast Medium: Television

A 10-episode drama written by Claude Fournier and based upon the novel Juliette Pomerleau by Yves Beauchemin, published in 1989. Juliette Pomerleau was the story of an obese woman, who weighed 125 kilos, but who was charming, extremely dynamic and bursting with joie de vivre and compassion for others.

Juliette was the owner of a residential building and was raising a little boy (Bobichon) by herself, as her niece (Adèle) had run off for some mysterious reason when the child was in his diapers. The series plunged the TV audience into an especially frantic summer in the life of Juliette, during which she (and her tenants…) would go through several ordeals and adventures.

The role of Juliette was played by Brigitte Boucher. Amongst the others actors on the TV series, there was Dan Bigras (Tôlier), Benoît Brière (Clément Fisette), René Caron (Bouliane), Andrée Champagne (Madame Lemire), Serge Dupire (Roger Simoneau), Charles Dutoit (Charles Dutoit), Marc Gélinas (Head exterminator), Macha Grenon (Adèle Joanette), Albert Millaire (Dr. Bellerose) and Francis Reddy (the plumber).

Written by Yvon Chouinard – September, 2008