CTV Television Network

Joyce Davidson

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1977 to 1978

Broadcast Medium: Television

In the 1950s Joyce Davidson was a high-profile interviewer on CBC Television, notably in the Tabloid series. In 1959 she was named “television’s most newsworthy woman”, in part due to her comments on Dave Garroway’s Today show on NBC that as “an average Canadian” she was “pretty indifferent” to the Queen’s forthcoming visit to Canada. This did not endear her to the CBC, or to many Canadians, and she subsequently moved to the States, where she co-hosted a syndicated talk show with Mike Wallace, and eventually married David Susskind.

CFTO Toronto brought her back to Canada in the 1970s to host a local daytime strip, which was carried on CTV for one season, 1977 -78, where it was seen from 9:30-10:00am daily.

Joyce Davidson Susskind died in Toronto as a result of complications of Covid-19, on May 7th 2020.  She was 89.