CTV Television Network

It’s Happening

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1966 to 1969

Broadcast Medium: Television

Rising phoenix-like from the ashes of CTV’s A Go-Go ’66 (q.v.), It’s Happening offered a new host, Toronto DJ Jay Nelson, and the returning Robbie Lane with his Disciples, who further refined their skills at recreating current hit recordings to great effect. The It’s Happening Dancers continued to offer background colour and gyrations, and Canadian recording artists lined up to do guest shots to plug their newest efforts on wax.

This half-hour series debuted in the fall of 1966. After two years, the Disciples were replaced for the final season by the Carnival, a bright, close-harmony group which had appeared on CTV’s After Four, and had been used heavily on CTV’s 1968-69 season launch promotion spots. By this time improved sound and lip-synching techniques were making for much more polished presentations.

Like its predecessor, It’s Happening was produced and directed for CTV first by Brian Purdy and later by Michael Steele, at CFTO-TV Toronto. In its first season it played 9:00 – 9:30pm, moving to 8:30 – 9:00pm the following year. For its final, 1968-69 season, the series played 8:00 – 8:30pm. Over fifty years later, Robbie and his group were still busy on the Toronto music scene.