Jo Jo Chrysdale


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Times is my company on this program today. 

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It’s a great deal of pleasure to renew acquaintances with a gentleman to whom I owe so much in my radio career, in my sporting life, you understand what I mean when I say welcome to Jack Cook was very kind of you to put it that way, Joe. 

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We did start together. 

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Was in. Let me see. It was August the 26th of 1944. We opened CKU I. 

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And you had that show in the afternoon. 

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You introduced yourself following one of the most raucous themes. 

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And incidentally, as I got used to it, I kind of liked it as Joe Joe cries. 

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Yeah, you remember all that. 

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And we had the teenagers in the studio in the front studio. 

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Oh, I remembered all so. 

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I remember the first baseball broadcast that you will let me do and I think you were a little bit worried at the time. 

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Not really y’all. 

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No, I can quite say quite sincerely. 

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I was not worried about it. 

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I’ll say this, by golly, you’re still in my opinion, one of the best baseball broadcasters I’ve ever heard. 

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Well, coming from you, Jack. 

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You know, a lot of people say, well, that’s Jack Cook talking again, but. 

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I’ve worked with you, you know about it, Jack. 

00:01:14 Speaker 1 

Is true and I mean I. 

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So I wouldn’t. 

00:01:17 Speaker 1 

Even have referred to. 

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It Jack, there’s a few things, of course. 

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Since you’ve been away from Canada for how long? 

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It’s almost six years now. 

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Here’s time goes by so fast, and it all like that. 

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I don’t imagine you have any regrets in those six years. 

00:01:32 Speaker 1 

Good heavens, no. 

00:01:34 Speaker 1 

My goodness, no, I’ve just been me. 

00:01:36 Speaker 1 

Me, I’ve just lived the life that I’ve always lived. 

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The only difference has been that I’ve been living in temperatures varying around 80 to 90 degrees instead of some of them sink sinking to 20 below and 20 above degrees. 

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The people, Joe, are essentially the same. 

00:01:52 Speaker 1 

It’s only the climate and the foliage, the landscape that is essentially. 

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Different down there to what it is up here, do you realize there’s over half million Canadians in the city of Los Angeles? 

00:02:03 Speaker 1 

That the I don’t feel. 

00:02:05 Speaker 1 

Very much different in my outlook in life down there than I ever did up here. 

00:02:11 Speaker 3 

This is Jack Kent cook. 

00:02:14 Speaker 3 

I remember Joe Crysdale well and fondly. 

00:02:19 Speaker 3 

He was as versatile a broadcaster as ever been my pleasure to be with switching with ease and expertness. 

00:02:29 Speaker 3 

From the old 580 club at Ckoi to a baseball broadcaster par excellence, non perell. 

00:02:37 Speaker 3 

I’d rank Joe’s baseball reporting with the best. 

00:02:42 Speaker 3 

His simulated baseball broadcasts were unequal by anyone. 

00:02:48 Speaker 3 

I think if Ronald Reagan heard him, he would have admitted it too and he thought he was pretty good at it. 

00:02:54 Speaker 3 

Joe Crysdale’s a great guy. 

00:02:57 Speaker 3 

A good guy. 

00:02:59 Speaker 3 

And I’m proud to say a friend of mine to the very end. 

00:03:05 Speaker 3 

Yes, Joe Crysdale, I miss him. 

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Hi, this is Sparky Anderson, manager of the Detroit Tigers and I just want to congratulate JoJo Crysdale. 

00:03:17 Speaker 2 

That’s a tremendous thing to honor him because you know, he’s from the old school. 

00:03:22 Speaker 2 

It’s a little different than the the modern day thing. 

00:03:25 Speaker 2 

He was one of the first to recreate baseball games in Toronto. 

00:03:30 Speaker 2 

And when you think about what he was doing and then you think that the former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan freaking really created ball game with you think he was in an awful strong class. 

00:03:43 Speaker 2 

But Joe was one of the real true. 

00:03:47 Speaker 2 

Guys of the business because he was sincere about what he did and truly loved the game. 

00:03:53 Speaker 2 

And that’s the thing that’s so much different, I think rather than today and it’s a great thrill for me just to be able to think about JoJo because I was there in Toronto five years and and I remember him so well and the fact that what he had done and how much he cared about the.