CTV Television Network

Hot Shots

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1986 to 1987

Broadcast Medium: Television

Another of several crime series produced for CTV by Alliance Entertainment (prior to their merger with Atlantis), Hot Shots followed the fictional adventures of two reporters working for Crime World Magazine. The lead roles were played by Booth Savage as Jason West, and Dorothy Parke as Amanda Reed; other members of the cast included Clark Johnson, Heather Smith, Paul Burke and Mung Ling.

Like its predecessor Night Heat, Hot Shots was sold to CBS who played it late-night in the fall of 1986 (which meant it could not be simulcast by CTV), and repeated the short series in the summer of 1987.

Hot Shots played on CTV in the fall of 1987, on Mondays at 10:00pm, but in January 1988 it was replaced by the much-touted Mount Royal, which in turn had a very short life span and, like Hot Shots, was not renewed for 1988-89.

Pip Wedge- May 2003

Written by Pip Wedge – December, 2003