Rogers Media


Rogers Broadcasting was granted a specialty licence in November 2000 for a channel to be called Tech TV Canada, which would “provide lifestyle information for the ‘e generation’, with programming devoted to computers, technology and the Internet.” It launched under that name in September 2001, by which time the ownership was split three ways between Rogers, Shaw Communications and the US Tech TV cable and satellite channel.  Early in 2004, the US Tech TV merged with Comcast, who had their own cable channel G4, and as of May 2004 both the Canadian and U.S. channels each rebranded themselves as G4TechTV.

In February 2005, the US channel became just G4, but the Canadian version retained the full G4TechTV identity.  Rogers acquired Shaw’s shares, and thereby majority ownership, in June 2006.  G4TechTV describes itself as “the ultimate television resource for technology news, information and entertainment….in an exciting and high-energy format”

In August 2017, Rogers announced that it would be shutting down G4 (formerly G4TechTV) on Aug. 31 after a 17-year run.

Ownership: Rogers Media

Start Year: 2004 to 2017