Global Television Network

Frost Over Canada

Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1982 to 1983

Broadcast Medium: Television

David Frost & Brian Mulroney

David Frost & Pierre Trudeau

Britain’s David Frost was a widely-recognized face on television around the world during his meteoric career, and he gained his greatest fame through his revealing interviews with Richard Nixon.  The peripatetic Frost’s travels at one time included weekly return trips from London to New York via the supersonic Concorde, and in 1982 and 1983 he came to Canada and recorded a total of ten one-hour interview programs for Global under the title Frost Over Canada.

The first series of six programs was launched on Global on February 5th 1982, and the remaining four were taped in 1983 and began on December 20th. Frost’s name was big enough to attract some heavy hitters to the interviewee chair: among them were Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Gordie Howe, Sarah Waxman, Marilyn Brooks, June Callwood, George Jonas and Trivial Pursuit inventors Chris Haney and Scott Abbott.

The series was carried by Global and a group of independent Canadian stations, and was produced by Bruce A. Raymond Productions in association with Frost’s own David Paradine Productions. The programs were taped at Global’s Don Mills studios in Toronto and in the Government Guest House in Ottawa.   

Written by Pip Wedge – November, 2013