Global Television Network

Global Currrents

Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2006 to 2008

Broadcast Medium: Television

his original 18-part documentary series was created to reveal extraordinary and uniquely Canadian perspectives about socially relevant issues affecting Canadians.  With Global National’s news anchor Kevin Newman, the show profiled Canadian stories and personalities that lay behind the everyday headlines.  Each one-hour show was independently produced by some of Canada’s best socio-political, environmental, humanist and scientific documentary filmmakers.   The first 10 shows were aired in the fall of 2006 with another 8 shows airing in the spring of 2007.  Shows included: 

Greenpeace: Making a Stand, based on Rex Weyler’s book, “Greenpeace: How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists and Visionaries Changed the World.” Thisprogram looked at the dramatic 35-year evolution of Greenpeace, from the early days of the environmental movement in the 1970s, to the front lines of a potentially dangerous campaign in Argentina. Directed and produced by Leigh Badgley, co-produced by Bette Thompson, in association with Global Television Network and Omni Film Products Ltd. 

The Dads Who Fought Back chronicled the story of two fathers’ struggle to spend more time with their children in custody battles against a system they felt had evolved into a deep and persistent gender bias against fathers. The film followed other men who were also fighting to be heard.  Entwined within their journey, the film critically examined the Canadian family court system, its proponents and adversaries, and called for a change to Canada’s divorce laws to let fathers have more access to their children.  Directed, produced and written by Andrew Koster of Rainshadow Media Ltd. of Victoria, B.C. 

Health Care 911: The Plight of Immigrant Medical Doctors examined why qualified and medically-trained new immigrants were often not given the chance at healthcare positions in Canada. With at least 8,000 immigrant medical personnel living in Canada and only 18 positions available each year in British Columbia, the Vancouver-based film dug deep to find out how these new Canadians coped with having to work in blue-collar jobs.  Directed by filmmaker Jiyar Gol, produced by Erin Mussolum and Michelle Welygan of Vancouver-based Artizan Productions Inc.   

Breaking Ranks provided exclusive access to American military deserters from the war in Iraq and examined the current phenomena of soldiers from the United States seeking refuge in Canada in their efforts to resist the war effort. Based in Vancouver, the film documented their experience as they faced two futures: if deported back to the US, they faced one-to-five years prison time; if they stayed in Canada, there was some concern it could cause unprecedented tension in US-Canadian relations.  Produced by Trish Dolman and Leah Mallen of Screen Siren Pictures, directed by Vancouver-based Michelle Mason. 

 In March 2008, Global announced that seven new documentaries would be scheduled weekly starting on  March 22nd – Hijacked Future,  about the pressures on industrial agriculture; Branded – Saving Our Town, about the dying community of Big River, Saskatchewan; Debt Trap, about the country’s lending institutions; The Cure For Love, about gays and lesbians who want to become ‘normal’; Arctic Hip Hop, about the introduction of hip hop dancing to the teens of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut; Real Fight Club, about Ultimate, Extreme and Cage fighting, and Warrior Boyz, about the gang scene in Greater Vancouver’s South Asian Community

Broadcast: 2006 – 2007; renewed March 2008 

Time slot:  Saturdays, 10:00 pm

Running time: 60 minutes

Written by Pip Wedge – March, 2008