TVA Television Network


Network: TVA Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1993 to 1999

Broadcast Medium: Television

The number 7 was a lucky one for Ent’Cadieux and its innumerable fans! Seven years of ups and downs that consistently captivated the TV audience. An enviable life span, that few TV soap operas have been able to boast about.

Deliberately fashioned by the scriptwriter Guy Fournier to fit Louise Deschâtelets and Vincent Bolduc, Ent’Cadieux drew a realistic portrait of a relationship between a single-parent mother and her son.

Initially written as a situation comedy in September 1993, Ent’Cadieux took a dramatic turn as of the second season. The interest of the TV audience skyrocketed, and this continued for the following six years, until the spring of 2000.
Initially, three families shared the audience’s attention: the Cadieux, Fortin and Paquette families. A bicycle courier, Diane Cadieux moved up and was promoted until she became the Manager of Taxis Royal-Rosemont, encouraged by her son Alexis and Noëlla, his best friend.

More that any other adult TV soap opera, Ent’Cadieux, was able to portray the lives of teenagers in all its complexity. In and around Maxi-Jeunes and the Rose Café, viewers got to know these young people, who were both resourceful and ambitious, and able to stand out and take their place in a world of adults.

Written by Yvon Chouinard – September, 2008