Drive In Classics

Originally licensed by the CRTC as The Drive-In Channel, this CHUM-owned specialty service was launched in September 2001 as Drive-In Classics.  Its mandate from the CRTC was to present the entire spectrum of typical drive-in movies from the 50s, 60s and 70s – “….horror and thriller movies, beach party movies, car chase movies and social issues B-movies (juvenile delinquency, unwed mothers, biker gangs etc.)” The movies were to be the “…more obscure movie titles that are not offered by other movie services in Canada”

A CRTC hearing on an application by CTVglobemedia to acquire the assets of CHUM Limited was held on April 30th 2007. Among the CHUM assets acquired by CTVglobemedia in the final approved deal were seven television stations, some 33 radio stations, and 21 specialty channels, including Drive-In Classics.

On July 15th 2009, Corus Entertainment Inc. announced that it had agreed to purchase the Drive-In Classics speciality channel from CTVglobemedia, subject to CRTC approval. On September 29th, Corus announced that it would be rebranding the channel, but gave no date or name for the new specialty service. On November 19th, the CRTC approved the Corus application.

In December 2009, Corus announced that they had made a deal with Rainbow Media that would enable Corus to add the Sundance Channel to its portfolio of Canadian specialty services. Under the creative direction of Robert Redford, Sundance Channel featured a broad range of programming, from niche, genre-focused cinema to socially provocative films. The mew channel was set to replace Corus’ Drive-Classics channel effective March 1st 2010.

Sundance Channel closed down on March 1, 2018 and the CRTC revoked the license on March 27, 2018.

Ownership: Corus

Start Year: 2001