CTV Television Network

Double Your Money

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1964 to 1965

Broadcast Medium: Television

A smash hit series on British commercial television in the Fifties and Sixties, Double Your Money in its Canadian version didn’t travel the Atlantic too well. Starring Hughie Green, born in Montreal but a resident of England for most of his life, the program was a cross between You Bet Your Life, with humorous interviews with contestants, and The 64,000 Question, with contestants answering questions on serious subjects to get on the ‘Treasure Trail’ to’ double their money’ up to a thousand pounds. In Canada, the latter feature was replaced with a Transatlantic Quiz, which gave contestants a chance to win trips to see family in Europe, or have family visit them in Canada.

The series premiered on CTV in September 1964. It was sponsored in Canada by Seven-Up, but the demographics skewed too old for the soft drink firm. When they elected not to renew, Double Your Money folded up its dollars in September 1965 and went back to England, where it continued into the Seventies. The series was produced by Pip Wedge and directed by Don Gale for World Film Services, and shows were taped at CFTO Toronto, CFCF Montreal, CKY (then CJAY) Winnipeg, CFCN Calgary, BCTV Vancouver, CJOH Ottawa and CFRN Edmonton.

Written by Pip Wedge – June, 2002