Discovery Health

Alliance Atlantis were awarded a license in November 2000 for a specialty channel to be called Health Network Canada, which was to be devoted to health, wellness and medicine. A minority shareholder was WebMD International, whose parent company operated a widely consulted health care website, WebMD. When the channel began broadcasting in August 2001, the name had been changed to Discovery Health Canada, reflecting an association with Discovery Communications in the U.S., and their own Health channel, which offered a useful source of both expertise and programming.  Program content ranged from plastic surgery to workouts and from sex to pediatrics.

CanWest Media Networks acquired Alliance Atlantis in December 2007, and with it ownership of Discovery Health.

New series IN2009-2010 included I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, 17 Kids and Counting – and 18 Kids and Counting.

On September 15th 2010, CanWest announced the rebranding of this channel effective November 1st 2010.  The channel’s name became Twist TV,   which CanWest described as being ” all about real life with a twist; capturing the experiences of everyday people facing extraordinary situations. The channel’s diverse cast of characters and their colourful stories – from unique personal challenges, to difficult family issues, to unusual medical circumstances – are always relatable and often outrageous.”

Ownership: CTV

Start Year: 2001