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CTV Drama Channel

Licensed in 1994, Bravo went on the air the following January 1st. Promoted as Canada’s New Style Arts Channel, Bravo covered all facets of the Arts, with movies, specials documentaries and interviews covering everything from ballet to architecture, and from literature to jazz. The Network was owned by CHUM Limited, until CTVglobemedia’s acquisition of the assets of CHUM was approved by the CRTC in June 2007. 

An example of the calibre of Bravo programming was an international coproduction of Take 5 Productions, in association with Bravo!, CTV and Showtime Networks. recounting the history of an infamous European family, The Borgias. The Canada/Hungary/Ireland co-production premiered on April 3rd 2011 on Bravo! in Canada and on Showtime in the U.S.

The cast included Jeremy Irons as Rodrigo Borgia, Colm Feore as CardinalGiuliano Della Rovere, and François Arnaud as Cesare Borgia.

The Executive Producers were Sheila Hockin, John Weber, James Flynn and Neil Jordan.

On June 7th 2018, CTV announced the Bravo would be rebranded as CTV Drama.

Ownership: Bell Media

Start Year: 1994