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Court TV Canada was licensed to LTA (Learning Skills Television of Alberta), of which CHUM Limited were majority owners, in November 2000, and launched in September 2001. The US version had previously been seen in Canada, but with many prime time blackouts because of copyright restrictions. In addition to providing programming that examined and explained the many complicated facets of the Canadian legal system, and those of other countries, Court TV’s schedule also featured many Canadian, U.S., and international crime series, including America’s Dumbest Criminals, Psychic Detectives and The Investigators.

A CRTC hearing on an application by CTVglobemedia to acquire the assets of CHUM Limited was held on April 30th 2007. Among the CHUM assets acquired by CTVglobemedia in the final approved deal were seven television stations, some 33 radio stations, and 21 specialty channels, including Court TV.

In June 2010 Discovery and CTV announced that effective August 30th Court TV would  be replaced by a new channel, Investigative Discovery. 

Following CRTC approval, BCE acquired 100% of CTVglovemedia (BCE had been a minority partner) on April 1, 2010. CTVglobemedia was rebranded as Bell Media.

Ownership: CTV

Start Year: 2000 to 2010