Cosmo TV

On August 7th, 2007 Corus Entertainment subsidiary Cosmopolitan Television Canada Company was awarded a licence for a new Cable specialty channel to be called Cosmo TV. Inspired by the well-known magazine, and with Corus in partnership with the Hearst Corporation, Cosmo TV was launched in Canada on February 14th 2008.

With the channel’s launch, Corus promised viewers that its programming would “run the gamut from comedy to drama to relationship and reality programming,”and that the focus for Cosmo TV would be “men, sex and relationships.” The CRTC licence specified that “all programming shall be directed to women aged between eighteen and thirty-four years.”

This was the first English-language Cosmo-TV channel to be launched.  Spanish versions had previously been started in Spain and Latin America.

Corus shut down Cosmopolitan TV (Cosmo TV) on September 30.

Ownership: Corus

Start Year: 2008 to 2019