The curious name stands for Beats Per Minute, and identifies a specialty channel dedicated to dance music of all forms, and the world of dance clubs, djs and their music.  It was originally licensed to Stornoway Communications in November 2000 as The Dance Channel, but by the time the channel launched in September 2001, the name had changed to   The late John Martin, a noted Toronto dj and music specialist, who helped CHUM launch the original MuchMusic Channel, and who died of cancer in 2006, was at one time program director for, and Sidney Cohen directed many of the channel’s studio productions.

New programming launching the 2007-08 season included Belly Dance Superstars, and It’s All About the Dancing, which showcased Jamaican Dance Floor music.

The channel was shut down June 1, 2015.

Start Year: 2000 to 2015