CTV Television Network

BA Musical Showcase

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1965 to 1967

Broadcast Medium: Television

BA Musical Showcase
Host George LaFleche with guest star Frankie Laine

Under the sole sponsorship of British-American Oil, Musical Showcase was a combination of game show and variety musical, with contestants in the studio competing to win major prizes – including cars, boats, houses, furniture and jewelry – for their ‘air partners’ who had ‘turned in to win’ at their local B.A. gas stations. The show was hosted for most of its run by George La Fleche, and latterly by Norman Brooks and then Don Cameron. The orchestra was conducted from the piano by Denny Vaughan, and weekly guests included performers of the calibre of Petula Clark, Frankie Laine, and the Four Aces, as well as many Canadian performers, including Joan Fairfax, Shirley Harmer, Margot McKinnon, Vanda King and Joyce Hahn.

BA Musical Showcase
Producer Ralph Mellanby, singer Petula Clark and Pip

Musical Showcase was produced for CTV at CFCF in Montreal. It was directed first by Pierre Lussier, and later by Ralph Mellanby and Larry Kimber. The Executive Producer was Pip Wedge. The half-hour show debuted on Tuesdays at 7:30pm in 1965 and concluded its run in 1967.  

BA Musical Showcase
The Four Aces (rear),George LaFleche (front left) and Denny Vaughan (front r) with crew of BA Musical Showcase

Written by Pip Wedge – April, 2002