Global Television Network


Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1987 to 1990

Broadcast Medium: Television

Winston Rekert played former top agent V. H. Adderly in Covert Operations for ISI (International Security and Intellgience). Relegated to a desk job after losing a hand after being tortured by enemy spies, he wore a trademark black leather glove over his artificial hand. Adderly, however, continued to keep involved in cases, dragging various staff members into action with him. The cast of characters included: secretary Mona Ellergy (Dixie Seatle), bureaucrat Melville Greenspan (Jonathan Welsh) and bureau chief Major Jonathan B. Clack (Ken Pogue).

The show was set in an unidentified North American town, in part because CBS, who was about to premiere the show, didn’t like the original European setting. CBS used the show as low-cost, first-run programming in midnight time slots. Six months later, the show also began to be broadcast in Canada, on Global Television.

Broadcast: 1987 – 1990
Time slot: Monday 10:00 pm 
Running time: 60 minutes

Written by Joanne Ingrassia – May, 2002