Société Radio-Canada (SRC) TV Network

4 et demi

Network: Société Radio-Canada (SRC) TV Network

Broadcast Run: 1994 to 2001

Broadcast Medium: Television

This TV soap opera, the fruit of the imagination of Sylvie Lussier and Pierre Poirier, was broadcast from 1994 to 2001 (193 episodes). It ushered several actors into the public eye including Serge Postigo, Lynda Johnson, Isabelle Brossard and Robert Brouillette. 

4 et demi was an apartment in the Plateau Mont-Royal occupied by a young couple: Isabelle Dupré (Isabelle Brossard) and Louis Martineau (Robert Brouillette). It would tell stories about the contemporary daily lives and goings-on of a gang of urban 25-30 year olds who came into contact with Isabelle and Louis. During its first two years, the show ran for 30 minutes per week; but in 1996, it aired for an hour every week.

Written by Yvon Chouinard – August, 2008