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Broadcast Run: 
2005 to 2006
Broadcast Medium: 

Aired weekdays at 11:30AM on Radio One from November 7, 2005 to April 1, 2006 In an effort to create conversations about the best songs of all time, Jian Ghomeshi created this program offering a Top 10 list of the favourite songs of listeners. The show featured a special guest who argued why a song deserved to be on the list. Listeners would vote every week for their favourite new song while maintaining a list of only 10. The more votes a song received, the longer it stayed on the playlist. Every Saturday the top 10 songs were counted down. The daily program was created after the success of a summer series called 50 Tracks, a show about the best pop songs of all time

Written by John Corcelli - October, 2007

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