Brave New Waves

Broadcast Run: 
1984 to 2007
Broadcast Medium: 

Aired Sunday to Thursday from Midnight to 4AM. February 5, 1984 to March 16, 2007 

Offering an eclectic mix of music, Brave New Waves challenged listeners with the latest in alternative sounds and new musical forms. It was presented in an imaginative way, perfect for the wee hours of the morning. The show was created by Alan Conter and Augusta LaPaix and produced in Montreal. A CD collection of new bands made popular on the show, was released in 1991 and CBC Radio 3 ( offered a selection of 20 interviews with some of the most interesting artists usually considered out of the mainstream, including Sun Ra, Nick Cave, John Oswald and Karen Finley.

The program debuted with great promise considering the direction of FM radio at the time. Private stations such as CFNY-FM in Brampton, Ontario and a variety of university campus stations, inspired the creators to go big and to go national. CBC Stereo was ready for such an adventure. As the original press release stated: "Brave New Waves...will have a decidedly different feel and flavour than any other all-night program on the air."  Hosts: Augusta LaPaix [1984/85], Brent Bambury [1985 – 1994], and Patti Schmidt [1995 – 2007]. 

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