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Point Eagle Radio Inc.

Point Eagle Radio Inc.

On July 3, Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, on behalf of a non-profit organization to be incorporated as Point Eagle Radio Inc. received approval for the operation of an English and Chippewa/Ojibway language native Type B FM station at Kettle Point. The station would broadcast 126 hours of station-produced programming during each broadcast week, including a minimum of 3 hours in the Chippewa/Ojibway language. At least 2% of the music will be performed or composed by Aboriginal artists. The station would operate at 107.7 MHz on the dial. Effective radiated power would be 420 watts.



CKTI-FM “Points Eagle Radio” signed on the air in April. Studios and offices were at 9111 Rawlings Road, Unit 6, Kettle Point. Antenna height was 33.1 metres. 



On August 7, Points Eagle Radio Inc. was granted a licence for a Type B Native FM radio station in Sarnia. It would operate on a frequency of 103.3 MHz with an average effective radiated power of 3,400 watts (maximum ERP of 6,000 watts). Points Eagle wished to increase its reach into Sarnia so as to serve the Aboriginal population and help build positive relations between native and non-native communities in the listening area. The new station would offer 126 hours of programming per broadcast week, all of it originating from the CKTI-FM studios in Kettle Point. Of this amount, 119 hours and 30 minutes would be broadcast simultaneously to Sarnia and Kettle Point; this would include six hours of news programming, through which the station would carry a significant portion of local, regional and national Aboriginal news content. The remaining six hours and 30 minutes of programming would be special programming designed to separately accommodate the needs of each of the Sarnia and Kettle Point communities. Specifically, the applicant indicated that through the use of split feed signals, it would provide programming that would specifically target each community and that would consist of bingo games, local community events and a job opportunities program. Finally, of the total 126 hours of programming per broadcast week, the applicant indicated that a minimum of four hours would be broadcast in the Ojibway language.



CKCI-FM 103.3 Sarnia began broadcasting. It rebroadcast the programming of CKTI-FM.



On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CKTI-FM until August 31, 2016.


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