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Radio Matagami

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Radio Matagami

On March 30th, the CRTC granted a broadcast licence to Radio Matagami for a French-language community FM radio station in Matagami, Quebec, with call letters CHEF-FM. The station would broadcast on 99.9MHz, having an effective radiated power of 36 watts. The licence would be for a period of six years, expiring on August 31st 2006. The Commission noted that the licence would be held by a not-for-profit organization, to be managed, operated and programmed by members of the community at large.


On March 15th, Radio Matagami received CRTC approval for a new community FM radio undertaking in Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Quebec, at 96.9 MHz, operating as CHEF-FM-3. In addition to originating 126 hours of programming each week, the station would also carry a maximum of 21 hours of programming per week originating with Radio Matagami's other station, CHEF-FM.

On June 9th, the CRTC renewed Radio Matagami's licence for CHEF-FM Matagami for a further seven-year term, from September 1st 2006 to August 31st 2013.

On December 21st, the CRTC denied Radio Matagami's application to install and operate a retransmitter for the CHEF-FM signal at Chibougamou, having heard interventions in opposition to the proposal from Antenne 6, owners of existing Chibougamou station CJMB-AM.


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